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For more than 15 years THYSOL offers Medical Taping Courses (MTC) worldwide. Most of the MTC courses are independent locally accredited courses offered to medical professionals. Our MTC team of instructors works closely together to update our courses with the latest development in medical taping. In almost all the countries we are selling CureTape® we have local instructors on the ground to locally conduct our courses.

Furthermore we train “only professionals” in the medical industry. That means that we only train people with a medical background and education. We believe that our product needs training and knowledge of anatomy to make use of all the benefits of CureTape®. Without a proper training and medical background

What makes MTC different?


  • MTC is the biggest course organization with respect to medical taping.
  • MTC consists of a clear global course program structure for different medical professionals
  • MTC has close connections to independent R&D Institutions and Universities
  • MTC has a strong global network of international instructors
  • MTC continuously updates courses with new techniques and evidence.
  • MTC is present at several International conferences with instructor speakers

The MTC-1 course is an introduction to the basic techniques in the application of neuromuscular taping. A number of common pathologies and disorders seen by physiotherapists, sport trainers, allied health professionals and medical personnel are addressed .Main focus is on rehabilitation and sports injuries.

The MTC-2 is for those allied health professional and medical personnel that have completed the specialist course or the MTC-1 course in neuromuscular taping and have knowledge of the basic techniques. This course introduces new techniques for more complex conditions as well as for specific injuries. A more detailed review of the use of Crosspatch use and Punch ® Tape is provided. Open to physiotherapists, sports trainers and medical personnel who have completed a 15 hours course in neuromuscular taping.

Specialist course (MTC-S): Sports Course:
The Sports Course (MTC-Application Techniques for Sports Injuries) is focused on applications designed to accelerate the rehabilitation process for those patients or athletes who have suffered sports related injuries. The course is open to physiotherapists, sports trainers and medical personnel who have completed a minimum of 15 hours in neuromuscular taping.

Specialist course (MTC-L): Lymphatic Course:
The Lymphatic Course (MTC-Lymphatic Drainage Course) is for those physiotherapists and medical personnel who have a basic knowledge of the lymphatic drainage technique. The course is designed to demonstrate applications which can accelerate the lymphatic drainage hence a basic knowledge of lymphatic drainage is required.

Specialist course (MTC-P): Paediatrics Course:
This course is designed to instruct therapists and medical personnel in the practical applications and taping techniques (Medical Taping Concept) for specific paediatric disorders. Taping possibilities for children of all ages will be discussed. Videos of various paediatric cases will be presented. The course is intended for those that work with children (neurological and MSK based case load).

Specialist course (MTC-N): Neurology Course:
This course is designed for allied health professional and medical personnel working with neurological patients of all ages. The practical applications and specific taping techniques (MTC) for both adults and children suffering from neurological disorders will be presented. The course is intended for those that work with patients with neurological disorders.

The custom-made MTC-I course will always include the basic principles and basic tape techniques but will focus on a specific patient load. A number of these courses have been held in the past.
It is possible to ask for such a specific course. When possible this will be effectuated as requested