THYSOL consists of a couple of departments that work closely together to be ahead of competition, innovate and keep the focus on you, our customer.

General management: with the joint venture of the two companies both GM’s took control of the newly formed company. They are in charge of the day to day business and the roll out and implementation of the future strategy of THYSOL.

R&D department is located in Seoul close to the production. They translate the needs of the international commercial managers in new products and constantly improve our products.

Technical management consists of many (free-lance) instructors who are active under the MTC umbrella. In most of the countries were we sell our products we have MTC instructors on the ground to teach people the Medical Taping Concept. They are linked with each other and share were possible experiences and ideas. These MTC instructors are officially recognized instructors and part of the MTC team(s). Together they keep on improving the educational materials and make sure our MTC courses are highly up to date.

Global marketing and Sales department supports the local dealers in their market with tools to successfully sell THYSOL products in their market. In close cooperation with the local dealers tools and materials are developed to satisfy the needs of the end-users.

Logistics distributes as fast and efficient as possible the products from A to B all over the world. For transport services we work with the main global logistical companies. The department is located in The Netherlands and Korea.

Production is crucial and important to control! Without a high-quality product to long-term business is possible. THYSOL is among the very few tape companies that is controlling their own production. Our factory holds all international GMP, ISO, TUV, CE and FDA certificates and produces constantly a high-quality product. All these international requirements are needed to call you product a medical class 1 item.

Legal affairs keeps track of the commercial agreements with dealers and multinationals and is involved in the technical dossiers and tests needed for medical class and CE dossiers.

IT and Online Marketing, a department which becomes more and more important in our daily business life. Also in the medical and health care industry an increasing percentage of sales is done via online business and webshops. Our Online group helps and supports local dealers to make it easier to sell online and provides supporting platforms to attract attention and increase online sales.

These departments works closely together to build and support the brands sold by THYSOL.