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Having led the way in the market since 1998, we’ve rarely if ever seen a product returned. Our partners choose us because they choose quality first and foremost. They’re looking for a reliable product. And they get good margins, great support and a personal approach rolled in.


At THYSOL Group, our vision is simple. We want to enable as many people as possible to have easy access to high-quality medical products. A united mission. In combination with distributing our leading products, we educate our partners on the impact of kinesiology taping and fascia treatment. And in open dialogue with our global customers, we gather insights that fuel our innovation and continuous improvement while teaching them how to support the recovery of the body in the best way.


Honesty. It’s not just the best policy. It’s a core business practice of ours to act in a transparent, trustworthy manner. Diversity and Inclusion. We succeed by bringing different lived experiences and a range of backgrounds into a shared environment where everyone has fair access to opportunity. Teamwork. When people work together, they create something greater than themselves. We’re united under a shared vision and passion to innovate and maintain quality in all our products.


Our high-quality products are reliant on our highly skilled team. Though our company is based in Enschede, the Netherlands, our people work across the globe to meet certificate requirements and customer expectations. We also have our own certified factory in South Korea.

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