Leading veterinary kinesiology tape. Highly adhesive to support movement from active animals.

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History of VetkinTape

The first idea of developing VetkinTape came to us when we attended a human taping event in the Middle East 15 years ago. Some people suggested to use the tape on the racing camels. Fast forward to a few years later and we launched VetkinTape: the first veterinary kinesiology tape!

Our range of tapes are specifically designed to meet the needs of veterinarians and other animal healthcare professionals. We offer a wide selection of sizes and colours for any particular purpose or animals, however they are mostly used on horses and dogs. Our tapes are are designed with comfort and convenience in mind and are easy to apply and remove.

What does VetkinTape kinesiology tape do?

The elasticity of VetkinTape in relation to the elasticity of the skin is used to create a lifting effect on the epidermis. The visual effect of lifting the skin with tape are called “convolutions”.
VetkinTape stimulates the fascial structures through the skin and has an effects on all kind of systems in the body. It activates the body’s own recovery mechanism, with optimal freedom of movement.
By using different taping techniques, a range of different effects can be achieved.

The Kinesiology Taping Concept

The Kinesiology Taping concept is also known as Medical Taping Concept (MTC) in the medical field. This innovative taping method, is fundamentally different from the conventional taping methods with rigid white tape. The non-elastic rigid tape is often applied for fixing or for immobilizing a joint. While the intension of kinesiology taping is to activate without restrictions.
This method has become a valuable addition to existing therapy possibilities and found increasing acceptance among healthcare professionals.

VetkinTape® Product Range

VetkinTape® 3cm

Box with two 3cm rolls of VetkinTape, used primarely for smaller areas or canine taping

VetkinTape® 6cm

Our standard size of VetkinTape, one size fits almost all!

VetkinTape® 10cm

Wider rolls of VetkinTape that are great for larger areas such as a horses’ back.

VetkinTape® Kinesiology Taping Books

We have both an equine and a canine taping manual available.

VetkinTape® Pre-Tape Sprays

Pre-Tape Clean Coat & Adhesive spray to improve your taping jobs.

VetkinTape® Accessories

Various accessories such as scissors, tape holders and more.

VetkinTape® Product features

  • Water-permeable, while still being water resistant.
  • Elasticity of the tape is similar to that of the human skin (130%-140%).
  • Only stretchable in length.
  • High-quality ventilating material.
  • The tape can be worn for several days (3-5 days).
  • Developed for professional medical use.
  • Medical class 1 registered.
  • Latex free with TÜV quality mark.
  • Anti-allergic acrylic adhesive backing applied in wave-form.
  • Skin friendly, no added substances.

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