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The Fascia Treatment Concept

Fascia mainly consist of connective tissue in different forms and structures. They are located throughout the body and are interconnected. In recent years, we have learned more and more about the function of the fascial network. Good results have been achieved with a treatment directed specifically at the fascia. Among other things, the fascial network has an effect on: • Strength. • Movement and mobility. • The immune system. • The balance of various internal systems (lymphatic, digestive, hormonal and metabolism). • The posture. Various products are used to treat the fascia, to bring about a loosening of the fascia (fascia release) and to maintain a flexible fascial network (fascia treatment). Regular use of these products can prevent injuries.

FASCIQ® Product Range


FASCIQ® IASTM Tools are made of high-quality stainless steel and used by the professional therapist for “soft tissue” and trigger point treatment.

FASCIQ® Silicone Cupping Sets

FASCIQ® Silicone Cuppings for loosening the fascia, pain reduction and stimulating perfusion. Cuppings also facilitate a faster disposal of bodily waste.

FASCIQ® Trigger Point Massage Tools

FASCIQ® Trigger Point Massage Tools for myofascial release and the maintenance of a flexible fascial network, including foam rollers, peanut balls and a massage ball made of EPP.

FASCIQ® Floss Bands

FASCIQ® Floss Bands. Floss bands are used by the professional therapist to mobilize the fascia and joints in order to regain a full range of motion.

FASCIQ® Fascia Cream & Wax

FASCIQ® Fascia Wax & Fascia Cream are used in combination with the Cuppings and IASTM Tools to support easy treatment.

FASCIQ® Pre Taping Spray

FASCIQ® Pre Taping Spray to increase the adhesion between sport tape and the skin.

FASCIQ® Mini Massage Gun

FASCIQ® Fascia Gun which has the same percussion strength at half the size compared to larger sized massage therapy guns.

Why do therapists use FASCIQ® tools to influence the fascia?

  • Influence strength.
  • Influence range of Movement and mobility.
  • Influence The immune system.
  • Influence the balance of various internal systems (lymphatic, digestive, hormonal and metabolism).
  • Influence the posture.

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